In order to deepen the distinguished friendship relations between the Syrian Arab Republic and the Republic of Belarus and in accordance with the agreement signed between the Syrian and Belarusian governments on cooperation in the field of education and science on March 1, 1998 and the cooperation program between the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministries of Culture and Higher Education of the Syrian Arab Republic signed on April 13, 2006 and the cooperation agreement Signed between Al-Baath University and the Belarusian National University, signed on February 2, 2010

The Syrian-Belarus Center for Scientific and Technical Cooperation was opened at the Belarusian National University in Minsk in February 2010, and as a subsequent step, the Syrian-Belarus Center for Scientific and Technical Cooperation was opened at Al-Baath University in April 2016 in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and the Belarusian ambassador in Damascus.

Center Objectives
  1. Securing scientific and cultural communication between graduates of Belarusian universities and their universities.
  2. To activate joint scientific work between Syrian and Belarusian universities.
  3. Exchange of scientific information, publications and periodicals.
  4. Organizing training courses.
  5. Organizing the exchange of students, postgraduate students and professors in various disciplines.
  6. Exchanging experiences and holding courses to rehabilitate and raise the scientific and administrative level of workers in the field of science and management of both parties.


One of the most important activities of the center
  1. Holding a symposium “Vision in the Reconstruction of Homs City” on 30/5/2016 in cooperation with the Homs Governorate, the Engineers Syndicate in Homs and the Homs Chamber of Commerce.
  2. A concert was performed by Dimitri Bilyak and Gerges Al-Abdullah from the Republic of Belarus on March 1, 2017.
  3. Organizing and holding an international conference entitled “Modern Technologies in the Design and Construction of Engineering Facilities” during the period 27-28/9/2017. More than 90 researchers from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, France and Belarus participated in the conference.
  4. Holding a workshop in cooperation with the National Company for Administration and Human Resources Development under the title (Administrative Leadership for Higher Education Institutions and the Horizon for Their Development) in the presence of the former Minister, Dr. Hassan Al-Nouri, on 4/5/2018.
  5. Holding a workshop entitled “Prospects for cooperation in the field of smart prosthetics” in cooperation with the Federal State Center for Prosthetics in Moscow during the period 23-25/7/2018.
  6. Participation in the organization and establishment of the international conference “Scientific Engineering Research to Support Development and Reconstruction” during the period 10-12/6/2019.
  7. Attending the meetings of two delegations from the Belarusian Ministry of Higher Education and in the presence of the heads of / 15 / public universities at the headquarters of the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education and Damascus University to sign a scientific cooperation agreement for a period of 5 / 5 years.
  8. The Center, in cooperation with the Center for Skills and Career Guidance, has held several specialized engineering courses for students and graduates of faculties of engineering.