Documents required for parallel education differentiation

  • A copy of the identity card for Syrian students. As for Palestinian students residing in Syria, they submit a copy of a newly-issued identity certificate, extracted, in which the date of asylum for the student’s family is mentioned, which must be 26/07/1956 and before.
  • Children of Syrian female citizens residing in Syria: They submit a document proving their nationality, in addition to a document sequencing the basic education stage (the second cycle) and the secondary education stage, as well as a copy of the mother’s identity card and a residence permit for her during the period of her son’s study in Syria.
  • A bank notification of the payment of a financial advance of 25 thousand Syrian pounds at the approved bank branch in the governorates, and it is calculated from the university services fees when the student completes the stages of registration in the college, department or institute in which he was accepted. This advance is not returned to the student in the event of his acceptance and rejection of registration.