Open Learning Programme and the required certificates:

Faculty The Programme Required Certificate Acceptance Rates
Faculty of Law Legal Studies Programme Scientific 40%
Literary 60%
Faculty of Arts and Humanities English Translation Programme Scientific 40%
Literary 60%
French Translation Programme Scientific 40%
Literary 60%
Faculty of Tourism Tour Guide Programme Scientific 30%
Literary 55%
Hotel 15%
Faculty of Education Kindergarten Programme Scientific 40%
Literary & Sharia 50%
Feminist Art 10%
Faculty of Economics Marketing and E-Commerce Programme Scientific 60%
Commercial 40%
Medium and Small Enterprises Management Programme - All vocational high schools that are not mentioned in the announcement are accepted Scientific 20%
Literary & Sharia 10%
70% distributed on the basis of 100%
Commercial 26%
Industrial 66%
Feminist Arts 10%
Oil 1%
Maritime Transportation 1%
Agricultural - Irrigation & Drainage - Veterinary- Agricultural Machines 10%
Hotel Tourism 2%

Documents required to apply to the differentiation:

  • A certified copy of the required secondary school certificate (for Syrian certificates).
  • Students who have obtained a general secondary school certificate from Arab or foreign countries, submit the original certificate with a certified copy of it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country granting the certificate and from the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in it, as well as from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an original translation of foreign documents in addition to a copy of a newly-issued identity certificate or a copy of the identity card, and it is conditionally submitted until the secondary certificate is duly equated.
  • Arab and foreign students submit a copy of the passport, certified by the embassy of his country in Damascus, and accompanied by a translation into Arabic if it is in a foreign language, or his birth certificate or an Identity certificate.
  • Students with martyrs’ families need a document issued by the Martyrs’ Affairs Office in the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces specifically in accordance with the laws approved by them.
  • Students with special needs submit a special document on their health or physical status from one of the competent departments of the directorates of social affairs and work, in which the nature and proportion of the special need appear, and to be seen by a medical committee from the university to determine the disability and assess its extent.