The bases stated in the Higher Education Council Resolution No. /111/ for enrollment in a doctoral degree are approved, which require:

  1. The student obtains a master’s degree with a grade of at least “good” in the specialization required for the doctoral degree in accordance with the regulations of the graduate studies program approved in the college
  2. To pass the foreign language exam in accordance with the conditions set by the Higher Education Council
  3. To obtain an ICDL certificate
  4. The student must have published at least one research paper أor research study in a refereed scientific journal, whether the publication was during the master’s stage or after it

The student directly registers if all the required conditions are met and preference is given to the date of the student’s registration in the college. where the student submits an application for a doctorate degree to the college office, accompanied by the research plan and all required papers. and after the application being approved, the department sets a registration seminar and anoouces it one week in advance. This seminar is attended by the vice-dean for scientific affairs, the head of the department, members of the department council, members of the educational staff, the supervisor, the co-supervisor (if any), and the graduate student. The student makes the required modifications to the research plan It is then presented to the department council, which refers it to the competent councils after approval.

Conditions to obtain a doctoral degree

  1. 1- To publish two research papers related to the subject of his thesis in a specialized scientific journal or obtain the journal’s approval to publish them.
  2. 2- To present the results of his research in the form of a thesis approved by the judging committee and take a viva voce examination.
  3. The University Council approves the subject of the thesis based on the proposal of the department council and the approval of the competent college council after a period of at least two years from the date of approval of the doctoral degree by the university council. The college council is eligible to give the graduate student an additional year(fifth) in some circumstances estimated by the council based on the report of the supervisor and the approval of the department.