Curriculum vitae of Prof. Abdul Basit Al khatib

Name: Prof. Abdul Basit Al Khatib

Date and place of birth: Syria- Homs- Jander 1962

University degrees: PhD in Mathematics 1987-1992 -St Petersburg University-Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

University level: Faculty of Sciences- Al Baath University- Department of Mathematics- 1985.

Administrative tasks:

  1. Secretary of Al-Baath University Division in 1998
  2. Head of Mathematics Department in 2017.
  3. Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science for Scientific Affairs in 2009
  4. Dean of the Faculty of Science in 2012
  5. Vice President of Al-Baath University for Administrative and Student Affairs from 2018 to 2019.

Scientific tasks:

  1. Appreciation certificate from the higher education minister” the president of higher council for science” in Syria, that is presented on the occasion of thirty-eighth Science Week held at Al Baath university between 7 and 12 November.
  2. Participation in the discussion of master’s and doctoral theses in algebra for postgraduate students. , in addition to the supervision on many of them.
  3. Participation in the evaluation of the scientific teaching books at the department.
  4. Arbitration of some scientific research at the department.
  5. Participation in the formulation and preparation of mathematics curricula at the National Center for Excellence in the Ministry of Education in 2010.
  6. Participation in many scientific conferences in many countries.
  7. He is an author of several university books and scientific researches.

Statement of the university president


Since 2011,our beloved country, Syria, has faced a violent crisis that has affected its anthropogenic, cultural and civilizational structure. Many of its vital sectors have been devastated, and not one sector escaped the damage and adverse consequences caused by the crisis.

However, in spite of the difficult circumstances, the scientific and research institutions, including Al-Baath University, have preserved in its work like other government institutions. The university has never stopped its scientific and research work. Moreover, it is currently preparing to contribute to the reconstruction phase through the various scientific activities and events that it carries out and through the studies and engineering consultancy that it provides.

One of its most important objectives is to connect university with community and effectively participate in different economic, service, social and industrial sectors by cooperating in joint efforts to achieve the desired ends.

In this current phase of reconstruction, the university aims to achieve the direction of President Bashar al-Assad in his speech: “Our main orientation is to raise the quality of higher education, improve its quality and set the standards to ensure that, in addition to enhance the conditions of scientific research, build the capacities and enrich the national and intellectual worth by adopting a national policy for sciences, technologies and creativity”

The presidency of Al Baath University thanks all the members of teaching and educational staff as well as employees for the scientific knowledge, care and attention they provide to students, wishing them continued success.

President of Al-Baath University
Prof. Abdul Basit Al Khatib