Al-Baath University honors 92 researchers for publishing scientific researches in international refereed journals,

appreciating their efforts and scientific production. President of Al-Baath University, Prof. Abdul Basit Al Khatib, praised their efforts in the fields of […]

“Promoting the culture of women’s empowerment” at Al-Baath University

  On the occasion of international women’s day, the second Faculty of Education organized a panel discussion titled “Promoting the culture of […]

Scientific training workshop entitled “Teaching based on understanding” at Al-Baath University

The second Faculty of Education in Al-Baath University held a scientific training workshop entitled “Teaching based on understanding” at the Faculty of […]

Awarding researcher Enas Haider Ibrahim a master’s degree in food engineering with distinction

A master thesis entitled “Comparing the process of drying and preserving tomato slices with hot air drying and direct solar drying” was […]