Awarding researcher Safa Abdul Rahman Al sweileh a master’s degree in physical chemistry with distinction

A master’s dissertation entitled “Preparation and characterization of CuO and study of its catalytic properties” was discussed by the researcher Safa Abdul […]

Awarding researcher Gabriel Jamal Ashkar a master’s degree in tourism with a very good grade

A master’s dissertation entitled “The effect of implementing new technologies in Syrian museums on tourist attraction -a case study of museums in […]

Awarding engineer Sawsan Youssef Al Khatib a master’s degree with distinction

A master’s dissertation entitled”The Effect of Foliar Spraying of Amino Acids and Zinc Sulfate on the Growth and Productivity of Two Varieties […]

Awarding student Marwa Noman Al Shater a master’s degree in life sciences, with a very good grade

A master dissertation entitled “Investigation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from patients in Homs hospitals” was discussed by the student Marwa Noman Al […]

Awarding researcher Diaa El din Attia Al Awja a doctoral degree in child education with distinction

A doctoral dissertation entitled “The Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program for Teachers to Deal with Behavioral Problems of Children with Disabilities […]

Awarding researcher Marah Ismail Salloum a master’s degree in psychological counseling with distinction

A master dissertation entitled “Loneliness Feeling and its Relation to Satisfaction of some Psychological Needs among the Children of Martyrs from Secondary […]