Conditions that must be met by the applicant to the differentiation of Private University Scholarships

  1. 1- The student must have the Syrian Arab nationality or the like.
  2. 2- The student must have a Syrian General Secondary Certificate.
  3. 3- The student must have achieved the minimum average required for each segment

The required documents:

  1. A copy of the identity card for Syrian students. As for Palestinian students residing in Syria, they submit a copy of a newlu-issued identity certificate, , in which the date of asylum for the student’s family is mentioned, which must be on 26/07/1956 and before,
  2. 2- A document proving the state of martyrdom specifically for the children of the martyrs
  3. 3- The percentage of disability stated in the medical examination document received from the medical committees formed in public universities is being approved.

Note: The documents submitted in the preference for granting private universities shall not be returned to their owners.

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