Documents required for non-resident Syrian student Differentiation:

  • A copy of the non-Syrian high school certificate in the same year of admission, certified by the following authorities:
  1. 1- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country that issued the certificate.
  2. 2- Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic from the country that issued the certificate
  3. 3- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic

(Certified translation from the Ministry of Justice shall be attached if it is in a foreign language)

  • A copy of the identity card for Syrian students, as for Palestinian students residing in Syria, they submit a copy of a newly-issued identity certificate, , in which the date of asylum for the student’s family is mentioned, which must be on 26/7/1956 and before.
  • A document of the sequence of study for the secondary stage for a period of three years in an Arab or foreign country, and it is not required that the study be in one country .
  • Children of the Syrian diplomatic corps who are on the job and children of faculty members are exempted from the sequence of study according to the conditions set in the announcement of this differentiation.
  • A bank notification to pay an advance of 25,000 sp at the approved bank branch in the governorates. It is part of university services fees when the student completes the stages of registration in the college, department or institute in which he was accepted. This advance is not returned to the student in the event of his acceptance and disapproval of registration.