Sorting of admission eligibility for the preparatory year

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Direct registration in the preparatory year

  • Student in person or his/her legal representative (according to an official agency) can apply for registration in the preparatory year.
  • Student chooses the secondary school certificate session and the foreign language he/she wishes to adopt for registration.
  • The employee enters the student’s data (secondary certificate branch – subscription number – session and issuer of the secondary school certificate – the foreign language chosen by the student – direct admission or admission sorting for eastern governorates – the university the student will attend and the personal data).
  • After the student checks out his/her data, the employee installs the data by clicking on (I want to register in the preparatory year for medical faculties) and then prints tow original copies of the report that proves that the student has been registered directly or applied for admission sorting for eastern governorates.
  • The student signs the two original copies and puts stamps on them, and the employee signs, registers, and seals them.
  • The employee delivers to the student a copy with stamps affixed as a notification of direct registration in the preparatory year or participation in the preference of the eastern provinces for admission to the preparatory year.