Information and Communication Technology Incubator

Al-Baath University – behind the College of Science

It is one of the projects of the Syrian Scientific Society for Informatics that seeks to achieve its mission to support the establishment of small and medium enterprises in the field of information and communication technology, to be able to provide products of an innovative nature that carries an added value to the information and communication technology industry in Syria and the world through a set of goals Emanating from the objectives of the Syrian Scientific Informatics Association.



Based on a memorandum of understanding between the Syrian Scientific Informatics Society and Al-Baath University

Received since its inception



The incubator's message and objectives

Incubator message

Supporting the establishment of small and medium enterprises in the field of information and communication technology, It offers innovative products that add value to the ICT industry in Syria and the world.


Incubator Objectives

Spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people with competencies and experiences in the field of information and communication technology.
Providing a scientific and technical environment of experts and consultants to support information entrepreneurs in establishing their investment projects and giving them high chances of success.
Providing young informatics entrepreneurs with the skills and expertise necessary to enter the labor market and compete in it
Supporting the transformation of innovative and distinguished ideas into investment products that contribute to raising the level of the ICT industry

Collaboration and Partnerships

Incubation Services

Office and technical services

  1. The place and the technical and office equipment necessary for the work of the project.
  2. Shared resources (computer network – printers – photocopiers – telephone exchange ….).
  3. Secretarial services.
  4. Training and presentation tools that the incubated projects may need.

Marketing and Networking

  1. The opportunity to display the projects in the incubator by participating in exhibitions organized by the association.
  2. Introducing the projects in the incubator by including them in the incubator’s publications.
  3. Coordination with the audio-visual and print media to introduce the incubator and the projects in it.
  4. Seeking to link the entrepreneurs in the incubator with companies that can represent a real partnership opportunity, or quality work.