Establishment of the University

Al-Baath University was established by the Legislative Decree No. 44 dated 9/14/1979. It was located in the governorates of Homs and Hama. It is the fourth among Syrian universities according to the date of establishment. As the Legislative Decree No. 19 of 2014 establishing the Hama University was issued, the faculties and institutes located within Hama Governorate became affiliated to the university. The current location of Al-Baath University within Homs Governorate in central Syria is of particular importance, as It links Al Badia and the coastal area. Besides, livestock resources as well as chemical, oil and textile industries are concentrated in its geographical location. Moreover, the richness of the central area of Syria in monuments and tourist attractions calls for the university to include all branches of technical, human and medical sciences.

Al-Baath University currently includes 20 faculties, a higher institute of languages, 4 technical institutes, and a number of research and service centers of excellence.

University vision

Excellence in higher education, scientific research and community service, as well as contribution to reconstruction and improvement of the university ranking.

University mission

Al-Baath University is a Syrian government university that prepares specialists and researchers according to the needs of community development so as to achieve the national and international academic standards as well as sustainable development. It also seeks to continuously develop scientific researches and curricula in the light of contemporary global trends, with periodic evaluation in accordance with the international standards and taking into account the local circumstances. In addition, the university endeavours to enhance human knowledge and national culture.It is concerned with building contemporary Arabic personality. It works to improve theoretical and applied knowledge according to the national, ethical, social and cultural standards of community, and to achieve total quality and continuous improvement in the educational and research system of the university.