The working mechanism of the press office

  • Covering the university events such as conferences, workshops, symposiums, lectures and…….
  • Covering the activities of the university president’s office (delegations - cooperation agreements - inauguration - celebrations and student activities…….)
  • Viewing the local government and private newspapers and websites
  • Responding to complaints received by the press office by coordinating with the university president, and resolving issues relevant to students and employees to ensure the best conduct of educational process.
  • Organizing subscriptions to journals and newspapers.
  • Preparing news and sending it to the press offices in the governorate.
  • Posting the university news on the university website.
  • Issuing a university newspaper.
  • Issuing a university news diary
  • Contacting with the media to cover the university activities.
  • Cooperating with the media in the governorate to transfer the students’ complaints received to the university president and work on solving them in coordination with the press office.

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