Directorate of Academic Sabbatical

The Academic Departure is composed of:

Department of Academic Affairs

The Faculty Members Division is affiliated to it. follow-up division, It does the following:
  1. Work to implement the provisions of the sabbatical law and the implementing regulatory decree, and decisions of the Higher Education Council, university council, Practicing a full-time profession.
  2. Opening the records and files of offices practicing the profession and full-time employees.
  3. Audit of full-time professional practice contracts; In preparation for its approval and ratification by the Presidency of the University.
  4. Participate in preparing the annual report on the various activities and practices of the profession, and freelancers.
  5. Carrying out studies and making the necessary suggestions to develop the work in the offices of practicing the profession and following up on its work. Overcoming the difficulties encountered by the offices of practicing the profession.
  6. Follow up on full-time decisions of faculty members, And auditing the work of the faculty outside the university.

Full-time Accounting Department

The Audit Division is affiliated to it. and Contracts Division. It does the following:
  1. Preparing the internal budget for the academic sabbatical, including an estimate of revenues and expenditures.
  2. Follow up on collecting the university’s share from the offices of practicing the profession and full-time; According to the rules of professional practice.
  3. Preparing lists of distribution of shares of beneficiaries; According to what is allocated to them from the full-time income.
  4. Organizing exchange and liquidation orders, checks and bank transfers, keeping accounting entries, And supervising all financial and accounting matters for a sabbatical.
  5. Follow up the inventory of the assets of the offices of practicing the profession, Preparing consolidated final accounts.
  6. Follow up the collection of the university’s share of the concluded contracts.