Awarding researcher Huda Ali Habash a doctoral degree in applied mathematics with distinction

A doctoral thesis entitled “Using machine learning techniques to build and develop systems based on the distributed knowledge” was discussed by the […]

Awarding researcher Rama Jamal Issa a master’s degree in tourism with a very good grade

  A master thesis entitled ” The role of total quality mangement standards in improving the quality of hotel services (A field […]

Awarding researcher Reem Khozam a doctorate degree in education with distinction

A doctorate thesis entitled ” The effectiveness of a program based on the family participation in developing the legal behaviors of kindergarten […]

Awarding researcher Samiha Basem Al-Zoubi a master’s degree in textile engineering with distinction.

A master thesis entitled “Applying environmentally friendly printing on fabrics using plant components” was discussed by the researcher Samiha Basem Al-Zoubi at […]

Awarding researcher Nasma Mousa Halawa a master’s degree in horticulture with a very good grade

A master thesis entitled “The effect of treatment with potassium humates and sulphates on the growth, fruiting, and quality of the salmon […]

Awarding researcher Walaa Muhammad Ibrahim a master’s degree in plant protection with distinction

A master’s dissertation entitled “Classification of mites on Dittrichia and a study of some biological aspects of the predator Typhlosiella isotricha” was […]