Awarding researcher Rawa’a Khaled Safaf a doctoral degree in the Arabic language with distinction

A doctoral dissertation entitled” Analogues and Isotopes in the Syntax of Al-Suyuti- Cognitive Study in the Principles of Syntax Thinking” was discussed […]

Council of Al Baath University specifies the dates of practical and theoritical exams for the academic year 2022-2023

The council specified during its session No. 16 chaired by the university president, Prof. Abdul Basit Al Khatib, the dates of theoritical […]

Al Baath University honours 83 students from the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineeering

Al Baath University celebrated the honouring of 83 top students at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Vice president for students and […]

“Session to prepare the practical teaching group supervisor” at the Second Faculty of Education in Al Baath University

The Second Faculty of Education at Al Baath University concluded the work of the training session entitled “Session to prepare the practical […]

191 students take the unified architecture exam ( May session 2023)

191 students of Al Baath University applied for the unified architecture exam conducted by the Measurement and Evaluation Center for the fifth-year […]

Al Baath University honours 58 top students of the faculties of civil engineering, architecture, music education and tourisum

Al Baath University celebrated the honoring of 58 top students from the faculties of civil engineering, architecture, music education, and tourism, for […]