Systems Directorate Departments

Electronic Service Department

It includes: ATM Division Advertising Design Division

Maintenance Department
Network Department
Studies Department
Programming Department

Directorate tasks

  • Maintaining all computer equipment (computers – printers – copiers – photocopiers – faxes – cameras) located in the faculties of the university
  • Description of computer equipment in accordance with modern specifications
  • Monitoring the university website
  • Follow-up study to provide fiber cable and an independent equipment cabinet for the university hospital building
  • Providing internet points to the faculties of the university and the central administration building
  • Providing internet to all faculties of the university
  • Monitoring the student affairs program and exams and entering all the data to facilitate the student’s obtaining (transcript of grades – postponement document – university life document)
  • Postgraduate Differentiation Program: Where follow-up is carried out with the Department of Postgraduate Studies to manage the differentiation matters in an optimal manner.
  • Warehouse software The momorandums in the warehouse of the College of Music Education are organized and followed up, so that the monthly movement of the warehouse and the inventory issued by the program are compared with the movements that take place in the warehouse and personal custody department.
  • Library automation software The data of the central library is now being formatted to be imported into the library program until we are informed of the completion of maintenance operations for the computer equipment in the central library. Coordination is also done with the colleges’ engineers who are in charge of supervising the programs
  • Payroll Automation Software: The program is now being followed up with the accredited who did not commit to working on the program and there are some problems with some others, but most of the accredited are working on the program, The follow-up of the program’s progress in financial affairs and other divisions has been stopped (writing off & auditing) at the request of the accountant temporarily.
  • Preparing and printing payroll schedules, deductions and discounts
  • Designing and printing advertisements and brochures for conferences held at the university